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Frequently Asked Questions about solar
How do I know if Solar works for my Home?

Generally solar systems are mounted on the roof. South facing solar panels are best, but east and west will also provide you with much of the power. If your roof is not completely shaded for much of the day, faces south, east or west and has space to hold modules, you are likely to be able to have a system installed on your roof.  If your roof is not suitable because of shading or obstructions, ground-mounted systems work great too.
How big a system do I need?

Generally the size of the system depends on your energy needs and the amount of shade-free roof space you have. Depending on your situation you can offset your entire electricity usage if you desire.  Residential system sizes average between 4 - 7 kW.
How reliable is the technology?

Solar continues to prove to be a very reliable technology powering over 100,000 homes in the U.S.. The components are warrantied by the manufacturers.  In the DistribuSun model, we are responsible for any maintenance, upgrades, repairs required for the life of the system at no cost to you.
How long does a system last?

Systems are expected to last between 25 to 30 years. However since the earliest of the installed systems are still operating, solar systems may well outlast their warranties by many years.   In addition, as DistribuSun replaces and upgrades components over time, the life of the system is extended.
Can a system work as a back-up power source in case of utility outage?

Generally without a battery backup system a solar system cannot operate in the event of a utility outage. This is a safety regulation by utilities which requires a PV system to shut down automatically so utility repair personnel can safely work on electrical lines.
Does a system only work during the daylight hours?

Essentially yes, a PV system produces electricity in daylight hours. However, DistribuSun systems are grid-connected which means that when a PV system stops producing electricity, home usage draws power from the grid automatically with no interruption.
Is my roof suitable for an installation?

Most roofs are suitable. However if a roof is due to be replaced in the near future, it is advisable to replace it before a system is installed. Our installation professionals will assess your roof in their site evaluation to see if it is suitable for installation.  If you need to replace a roof while a system is installed, let us know in advance and we will work with your roofer to remove and replace the system on the new roof.  The cost to replace your roof is yours, the cost to remove and reinstall the solar system is ours.
I have many trees on my property, does that make a difference?

It will not be a problem unless any of the trees significantly shade the roof. Trees shading a roof may be cut down or trimmed to enhance the energy production of the installed system.
Does a system require maintenance?

There are no moving parts of a typical solar system, but they do require some maintenance. DistribuSun remotely monitors the system to ensure it is producing electricity properly and will respond to fix any issues. You should watch for trees that may grow to shade the system and keep them trimmed if they do so or the system's production will be affected.  We will perform routine maintenance and cleaning of the modules to ensure full production.
Does a Solar Installation affect the value of my home?

Studies have shown that a solar system adds value to the home. Appraisers and brokers have indicated that homes that have solar installed sell faster and are likely to command a better price.