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Jeff Just
Jeff has founded and operated businesses for over 24 years, with multi-function experience in development, acquisitions, finance, asset management, and has a finance degree from the University of VA. He was involved in all aspects of deal origination, due diligence, venture structuring, financial analysis, valuation modeling, negotiating, closing, monitoring and exit strategy process. As founder and President of Dianet Communications, Jeff managed the team that designed and built multiple, large-scale, complex Distributed Antenna System (“DASâ€?) projects. He negotiated multiple large financings, totaling over $100 million. Under Jeff, Dianet Communications and its partners won the right to build a $200 million DAS network in the New York City Subway system.  
James Spano
James Spano is currently the President of the NJ Solar Grid Supply Association. Mr. Spano comes from a financial and insurance background. For the last dozen years Mr. Spano has also been a real estate investor and advisor to the family business and in 2004 took a lead role as a Managing Director. Mr. Spano has primary responsibility for all out of state/country projects as well as all financing on all projects. Mr. Spano is a recognized expert in the both the financial and insurance industry holding some of the highest accreditations one can achieve and has been called upon regularly in various legal cases involving both Financial Planning and Employee Benefit issues. 
About Radiant Power
Dedicated to transforming the way solar is provided in this country, Radiant Power is a solar utility that builds and operates a solar facility on your roof and sells you the power it produces.

The Radiant Power Team:
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